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Posted by Reviewer1471527 on May 23, 2008

I have had chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia since I was in junior high school. I always missed school and was home schooled part of the time because I was so sick. Later, I was rearended five times in ten years. At 34, I was barely able to work, cried the whole commute home and went to bed as soon as I walked in the door. I was severely exhausted and in a lot of pain. I was about ready to file disability. Then, I found Dr. Teitelbaum and the Fibro and Fatigue Center. I am a new person! I have a ton of energy, I even have a second job just for fun! I tried switching to other high quality vitamins for a while (sick of drinking this, tastes bad) but my symptoms started to come back. -So get this stuff and drink it every day, no complaining!

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rave review!!!

Posted by Reviewer1040535 on Sep 30, 2008

My husband is about 7 inches taller than me so all 30 years of our life I have been stretching my legs to keep up with him when we went for walks. In Feb he was diagnosed with a nonfunctioning thyroid and his energy had dropped down to zero. In July I forced him to go for a walk with me and he complained that I walked to fast. I searched the internet for a solution for thyroid problems and found this system. I started him on this wonderful system and now he's no longer needing 3-4 naps a day and I have to stretch my legs again to go for a walk with him!!! I so impressed with the difference it has made in him.

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Amazing product

Posted by Reviewer3095538 on Oct 21, 2008

This product has changed my life. I have hyper/hypothyroid issues and adrenal fatigue. My energy was very low, I felt like I was dragging myself through life and I had no interest in anything because I had no energy. I have been taking this product for 6 months and I now have energy to live my life and do things. I am also taking some other supplements Dr. Teitelbaum recommends - potassium magnesium aspartate, NADH, and SAMe. My 75 year old mother was also suffering from fatigue and I had her take this supplement and she has much more energy and is living her life again.

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This IS Fantastic!

Posted by Reviewer3180102 on Dec 15, 2007

I use this product in replacement of Reliv Classic. I had to because I couldn't afford Reliv any longer. I also was concerned about the large amounts of soy and fructose in the Reliv products. Soy can cause problems if you are hypothyroid. My thyroid levels were not very good the last time I got checked. This spurred me to find a powdered vitamin supplement that wasn't soy-based but that would still help me with my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms. The good: The Fatigued to Fantastic Energy Infusion powder (FF) is about a third less than Reliv Classic. It also tastes great! It's whey protein-based and is sweetened with stevia. I think it has just the right amount of sweetness, but you could adjust the level of sweetness by either using less liquid(for more sweetness) or more liquid (less sweet). I usually use water or milk, but you could use juice if you want it more sweet. Dr. Teitlebaum has added betaine and malic acid to help muscle pain; inulin, a prebiotic fiber to help the good bacteria in your gut; and extra amino acids that help and support fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms. He also used a whey protein base. There are studies that have found that whey protein helps the symptoms of fibromyalgia and there are doctors who now use whey protein as part of the treatment they administer to their fibromyalgia patients. While there is only 7 grams of whey protein, a little helps a lot over time. For extra support you may want to try a whey protein drink that has a higher protein content in conjunction to FF. I don't but it may be of benefit to some. The cons and caveats: FF can be clumpy. The best way to dissolve it is to use a very small amount of water at first and stir it with a fork until it's smooth. Then I add more water, stirring constantly, until I've added all the water I'm going to. It works very well that way. Dr. Teitlebaum formulated FF without calcium or iron so people who are on thyroid medications (like me) can take it right away in the morning without it interfering with their medication. This is a great idea because I don't have to wait 4+ hours in the morning to take my vitamins. But if you need calcium you may want to consider purchasing some inexpensive calcium to take later in the day or evening. That's what I do and it works well for me. There are no B vitamins in the powder. You need to take the B vitamin capsule included in the system, or substitute FF's B complex with another B vitamin complex of your choice. Personally, I use brewer's yeast daily and occasionally Country Life's coenzyme B Complex (if I'm really stressed) instead of FF's included capsule because I find FF's B complex capsule bothers me and gives me gas. Other information: I use FF just like Reliv: I take one-third scoop of FF three times daily. You could, of course, just take one full scoop once daily, or even half a scoop once or twice daily. I chose to continue the same routine I was accustomed to. But I think how and when a you takes FF is whatever would be most convenient for you. Twice a day I also add d-ribose powder, Enzymatic Therapy's Fiber Fusion, calcium capsules or powder, and brewer's yeast to my FF shake. My third shake I usually take the FF by itself unless I really need any of the extra supplements that day. I am hypothyroid, and I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, probably caused by a West Nile virus infection a few years ago. I've never been the same since, so I have to take supplements to help me with my mental and physical energy. The FF (and the other supplements I listed) really help me. I know it sounds like a lot, but it is saving me money and I feel just as good as I did on the Reliv without the worries of fructose, soy, or multi-level-marketing. I hope this helps all of you. Give it a try!

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Awesome Product

Posted by Reviewer3087065 on Jan 06, 2008

I am so happy I found this. I am the mother of two toddlers, and work full time. I also have not been exercising, which makes things worse, but I always feel too exhausted to even try. I also feel faded out at work by 3:00. This product has, within two weeks of use, given me more daily energy than 5 cups of coffee, but without any jitters or side effects of caffeine, which I am highly sensitive too. I have lost a lot of the brain fog that I had previously, and I am looking forward to seeing more of the positive effects in the weeks to come. Heck, I might even be ready to start getting some exercise again!!! This is definitely worth the money, to "do your body right"...

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Fatigued to Fantastic is right!

Posted by Reviewer1506882 on Dec 07, 2007

Can't rave enough about this product. I struggle with fatigue and lack of energy due to hypothyroidism, and drinking this every day makes a big difference. If I miss a day, I feel it immediately. It also cuts out having to swallow a handful of supplements. But be sure to get the citrus-flavored. The Berry Splash flavor is awful.

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Posted by Reviewer1514410 on Feb 17, 2012

Hello, I have been using this product for the past 3 weeks now. Because or despite the product I am feeling way more tired and it gives me diarrhea. Is not good for me maybe for other.

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So far so good!

Posted by Reviewer2247920 on Feb 19, 2008

I started using this about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I have to agree this isn't the best tasting stuff but I have drank it every morning! I am starting to feel the difference. I am getting ready to order another month supply of it. Thanks to Mary Shomon for the recommendation in The Thyroid Diet book!!

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Nothing short of a miracle!

Posted by Reviewer3178948 on Mar 23, 2008

I had been suffering with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for some time...I didn't want to get too excited about this product right away, but after 3 months of taking it, I am convinced that it has made a huge difference in the way I feel!

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Awful flavor!

Posted by Reviewer2894417 on Mar 20, 2012

After reading dr Teitelbaums book, I was very happy to receive this product so quickly. I suppose the ingredients are mostly ok, but I really don't get why it has to be so sweet. It is impossible for me to drink it, mixed with anything it's still extremely sweet. I tried it a few times because it expensive but the amount of Stevia is really to much if you're not used to (artificially) sweetened products. A very fake flavor. Opening it makes me not wantAlso, if you're using this for tiredness, I don't see why you would want to use sweetened products, they will just influence your blood sugar too much. Now I wish I had read the ingredient list better before ordering. Back to different products now...

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