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If You’re Going to Take Only One Nutrient... THIS IS IT!

Posted by SEEKING-HEALTH REVIEWS on May 29 2013 | Verified Purchase

On Products-With-Reviews page, I have more reviews of other products I have bought and used. There are actually two forms of CoQ10: Ubiquinone, the “old” style... and ubiquinol, the newer, “reduced” form. Using the old style of CoQ10 is a problem because people over 40 have a harder time absorbing it. Ubiquinol gives you up to 8 times higher absorption and keeps your blood levels higher over an extended period. And it’s high blood levels of CoQ10 make all the difference. You would need to take almost 10 times as much of the old style to get your blood level to the same point.

Thanks for your feedback!

Tried Ubiquinol 100mg Softgels for 1st Time at 74 years

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 21 2011 | Verified Purchase

I believe the changes in my health were rather slow and subtle due to starting Ubiqinol 100mg. But upon reflecting back I can see that I am now considerably less passive about doing things. I find myself now attacking projects where previously I had procrastinated. I feel younger and stronger, more vibrant.

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This is financially a good deal

Posted by PaulaSutton on March 29 2013 | Verified Purchase

All ubiquinol comes from Kaneka--they are the only company making it. So--just find the ubiquinol with the right price! As for the benefits of ubiquinol itself, I can say it didn't take long for me to actually feel an energy increase after taking Ubiquinol once a day. As a **general** recommendation, Kaneka recommends loading with 200mg/day for two weeks then maintenance at 100mg as blood levels plateau. **You may need to take more if you have heart or other health problems, however.

Thanks for your feedback!

Very good product

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 7 2012 | Verified Purchase

Highly recommend as an energy enhancer that actually supports intracellular function and production of energy without artificial stimulation. In extreme exhaustion, adrenal stimulants i.e. "adaptogens" may further deplete energy, while ubiquinol helps build energy slowly in a natural way, without "whipping" the adrenals even more. Will definitely continue to use this product on a long term basis.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on November 10 2009 | Verified Purchase

I believe in coQ10 enzyme (Ubiquinol), have been taking it for more than a year. At 82 years of age, there are things that might be wrong with me, but if there aren't, or are not progressing, then I attribute it to Ubiquinol. My digestion is certainly improved, and cardiovascular system is holding its own. Thanks, and best wishes.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ubiquinol v's Ubiquinone

Posted by Michael on March 23 2009 | Verified Purchase

This is the reduced (active) form of Q10... which is more potent than the inactive form. As people get older they have trouble converting the inactive form to the active form... so you don't get much benefit unless you make sure you take the active form. The active form is fairly hard to get and it's usually much more expensive so it's nice to find it here at a reasonable price. Remember you can reduce the dose (compared to the inactive form) and get the same effect.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ubiquinol, 100mg, 150 Softgels to Western Australia

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 3 2009 | Verified Purchase

I odered one bottle and it came via Internatioal Post and was received without having to go through Australian Quarantine Service. Product received in excellent order and very happy with the results after taking them for 1 week. However one of my friends who ordered 2 bottles of same item was not so happy as his came via DHL courier and had to pay USD 44.00 of Quarantine fees. Suggest iherb work with DHL on this issue as it makes ordering this item very unattractive if the quarantine issue is not resolved. I still have people keen to order the items but have been put off by the extra fees. Hope iherb can get DHL to work with AQS on this.

Thanks for your feedback!

Rather good value for money...

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 23 2009 | Verified Purchase

I've read quite a few resources about Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol and finally decided to get this. This is the 2nd day I've been taking this(2 per day) and I feel more energetic. The only bad thing is that it contains soy(soy lecithin) which has been widely proven that many non-fermented forms are linked to dementia and other issues like inbalanced estrogen levels, a reason why many in Asia suffer from certain types of cancer. Still, this is rather good value for money but it'd be even better if Healthy Origins dropped the soy.

Thanks for your feedback!

NOT a good product

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 25 2012 | Verified Purchase

After taking the Mercola 100Mb Ubiquinol supplement for several months with great success, I figured I'd try this one out because it was cheaper and I was having the same awful, burning citrus burps as others have experienced with the Mercola product. Let me first say that I know that Ubuquinol products DO work. On the Mercola brand I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication and the brain fog I frequently experience had pretty much disappeared. After switching to the Healthy Origins Non-GMO formula my BP started fluctuating a lot and I had to start taking 2 of the pills a day AND drinking hibiscus tea (look it up, it works) to control the BP. Not to mention that the brain fog has returned in full force. I honestly wish I would have returned this product. I will be trying the NOW product this time and if it doesn't work right away I will be returning it and going back to the Mercola and just deal with the citrus burps.

Thanks for your feedback!

strong stuff!

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 15 2009 | Verified Purchase

i was taking CoQ10 for a month prior to this but when i started taking 100mg of ubiquinol in morning and again at night i felt like going for a jog at 2am- i couldnt sleep i had so much energy. so i now have them in the morning only and alls better. Also I-herb and DHL shipping have been fantastic in all aspects. although only taking this product for about a week now, i have found some increase in energy/stamina levels for weight training.

Thanks for your feedback!

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