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Surprisingly better than the rose one.

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 13 2012 | Verified Purchase

After using the rose water one for so long I gave this one a try just because the rose one was oos at the moment. I have to say that I liked this one much more. Moistens my skin more & longer than the rose one with the same cleansing action. I'll be buying the lavender one again. Z fom PR

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great stuff

Posted by ledenec on August 2 2013 | Verified Purchase

better than rose toner for my skin

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contains alcohol even if not specified in the ingredients list

Posted by DianaTA on July 7 2016 | Verified Purchase

Got this toner, making sure it doesn't contain alcohol (unlike many other Thayers' toners, check the ingredients list carefully) and was pretty happy about it till I've read this review on Witch Hazel extract on Paula's Choice... I do take it to a limited extent, since her agenda has never been "Natural/Herbal/Green/Sustainable", but still, it's kind of hard to ignore what seems to be research supported... "Witch hazel’s high tannin content (tannin is a potent antioxidant) can also make it irritating if used repeatedly on skin because it constricts blood flow. The bark of the witch hazel plant has a higher tannin content than the leaves. Producing witch hazel water by steam distillation removes the tannins, but the plant’s astringent qualities are what most believe give it benefit. Alcohol is added during the distillation process, the amount typically being 14–15%. Witch hazel water is distilled from all parts of the plant; therefore, you never know exactly what you’re getting, although the alcohol content remains. Depending on the form of witch hazel, you’re exposing your skin either to an irritating amount of alcohol (which causes free-radical damage and collagen breakdown) or to tannins, or both. Moreover, witch hazel contains the fragrance chemical eugenol, which is another source of irritation" So, I really haven't decided yet what to do with this toner. May be I'll just use it ocasionally and not daily. Make your choice, knowing the facts...

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This toner is amazing..

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 12 2009 | Verified Purchase

I have the most sensitive skin in the world. I haven't been able to find anything that won't break me out. I thought I would try this after reading the reviews. Awesome! No breakouts and the dry, flakiness is gone. I don't even need moisturizer. My skin has this glow I've never had before- clean, balanced skin. Get this toner!

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Posted by HealthNut4ever on March 8 2011 | Verified Purchase

I found that Thayer's Alcohol-Free Lavender Witch Hazel works wonders for my skin after I shave. My girlfriend also uses after shaves he bikini area and really Loves It! No razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, etc.

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Has something changed? Chemical fragrance?

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 11 2014 | Verified Purchase

I love the Thayers toners like everyone else, but my last bottle of Lavender is affecting my skin strangely. Has the formula changed in some subtle way??? I find that if my skin is at all sensitive this stuff really tingles, even stings. It actually irritates! The Rose and Natural in my cupboard, which have identical formulae barring the scent, are fine and don't do this at all. I have no allergy to Lavender and find real Lavender very soothing, so I do wonder if Thayers have added something less than entirely natural fragrance-wise. It does smell very strong and not quite natural. It's strange because real Lavender is a potent and pleasant scent, so I can't imagine why anyone would want to add a chemical analogue, if that's what they've done. Does anyone know?

Thanks for your feedback!

I love Thayers no alcohol free

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 1 2008 | Verified Purchase

It is a great facial toner, I use it day and night, and is a soothing refresher during the days you don't wear makeup. The lavender enhances the quality with it's nice scent and it is healing also.

Thanks for your feedback!

Can ditch my other toners

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 9 2017 | Verified Purchase

Smells just about the right amount of lavender. Quickly absorbed with a thin layer remains that feels like a moisturising protection. Good with anything that goes on top.

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tower came down from a leak in the cap of bottle 爽膚水漏出來了,沒有任何包裝保護措施!!

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 10 2016 | Verified Purchase

tower came down from a leak in the cap of bottle. it is not acceptable that they didn't offer any protection or plastic bag to protect the bottle. 爽膚水漏出來了,沒有什麼包裝保護措施!!

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Great, BUT does NOT smell like lavender

Posted by ALangemeyer on April 6 2014 | Verified Purchase

I'm a big fan of the Thayers Witch Hazels. At first I was underwhelmed by the lack of results, but I decided to try out a new method of application to see if it would make a difference. I transferred some product into a small spray bottle, and by spritzing it on my face (vs. using a cotton pad - which also wastes a lot of product) I found it to have great gentle toning and soothing properties. My sensitive skin can be on the irritated and red side after cleansing or showering and this really helps speed up the calming period and improve skin tone. My ONLY complaint is that it does NOT smell like Lavender! This smells like some cheap generic floral soap you'd find in a public bathroom - I wish I was joking. It doesn't linger for long, but considering my spritzing method extends the life of this product to last over 6 months, it sucks to deal with the disappointing smell for so long.

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