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Improves Short-term Memory & Cognitive Decline

Posted by CharlotteJernigan on February 11 2010 | Verified Purchase

Have been combining Jarrow "Neuro Optimizer" with Planetary Formulas Bupleurum Calmative Compound (a.k.a. Happy Traveler by other makers) to great benefit for my father. Lowered anxiety + brain food has helped his overall function. Now almot 87 y.o., of my father he has had cognitive and short-term memory decline for 4-5 years. Initially "diagnosed" as Alzheimer's...which it is NOT. He has had functional benefit from: no prescription meds (A-cept made his feet burn and did not help), removal from MOLDY HOME, moved to stimulating community plus these supplements and others. TRIED MANY...this formula has several key ingredients WITHOUT the potential "over-stimulators" like phenylalanine, ginkgo, high niacin, and a few others which are more tricky...these ingredients are fine for some people but not for others. The relative simplicity of the N.O. formula is an advantage AND price/daily dose at about $1 compares to closer to $2/daily for over-complicated foirmulas.

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Great product

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 13 2009 | Verified Purchase

when I first started taking it, i felt like someone had gone in and massaged my brain. I'm on my fourth bottle.

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My favorite product of the hundreds of pills I have ordered

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 6 2012 | Verified Purchase

NEW UPDATE 11/2/12 ON THIS POSTING A terrific combination. I take one capsule in the morning as soon as I wake. Only 1/4 of the suggested dosage. I am much sharper mentally and don't waste as much time with the trivial. I have been caffeine free as of 4 years ago because of headaches and migraines from caffeine withdrawal by the evening. Taking one capsule of Jarrow Formulas, Neuro Optimizer feels a bit like caffeine intake. I have taken 4 capsules before and it made me just a bit hyper or a similar feeling of too much caffeine intake but with no withdrawal. I know my concentration is better and I am more productive. It's all good or I should state Great! There isn't any con or negative for me. At one cap a day three bottles lasts nearly a year. That's only about $100. for a year of alertness. And it's not really costing anything because in mental clarity it pays back in so many ways not just the giving of extra time that I would otherwise be looking for whatever I was just thinking about. You know...... OK,WELL IT'S NOW 11 MONTHS LATER and an update is in order. Three and a half months ago I started to take two a day in the morning at lease 30 min. before eating. I stated that I "can't" drink caffeine. Well two weeks ago I was offered a cup and I decided to drink just a little but drank the whole cup fully expecting a really good headache later. I didn't get one. So a few days later I had another cup of coffee, no headache. So I've had a few more (just one a day so far) since then, no headaches at all. I have had caffeine headaches since the very early 80's and I think that whatever happened has something to do with what my brain wasn't getting that it needed and the headaches were a symptom of that depletion. I think Neuro Optimizer has nurtured my brain with much needed nutrition as I think faster and clearer as well. I will post again on this ongoing change.

Thanks for your feedback!

perfect for memory but bad for the digestive system

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 9 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is GREAT for memory, recall, speed of thinking etc., but for me, every single time I start to take this, within several days I develop serious digestive problems (like diarrhea, IBS, gastritis and that sort) and the problems simply do not go away until i stop taking this. These also give me energy durin workouts and I also lose weight while taking these even for only 5 days, but after I stop taking them (due to the digestive problems), the weight comes bank on. Good luck with these and I hope you don't have the same problems I did! I guess I need trial & error to figure out with of the ingredients are bad for me (especially my digestive system) and which are absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for your feedback!

Very effective product!

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 30 2010 | Verified Purchase

I suffered moderate head trauma from a fall on ice last year and have had some cognitive issues.I tried a more expensive brain support and memory product from a vitamin expert from one of the home shopping channels. I have ordered other products from Jarrow and have been impressed with the quality, so I thought I would try this formula. It is much better than the more expensive product I had been taking. I felt immediate results with improved memory, speech, and multi-tasking. It will take a long time to recover from the concussion, and while I may never regain 100% of my functions, this product helps me continue to improve and see results. It has helped restore my hope. Thanks, iHerb, for great prices, packing, and delivery.

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Jarrow Formulas, Neuro Optimizer, 120 Capsules

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 3 2012 | Verified Purchase

My Mom had a stroke less than a year ago at 90 y.o. She had mild deficit: facial and extremities paresis, confusion, memory loss, loss of executive functions without loss of speech. She was not expected to recover by physicians. At that time I was taking Neuro Optimizer for my own memory problems and started to give it to my mom. MOM is FULLY RECOVERED! Of course, besides supplements she was getting other types of therapy, but I believe Neuro Optimizer played a big role in recovery.

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Feel the difference

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 30 2008 | Verified Purchase

I'm only taking one or 2 in the AM and started feeling more clear headed after just a couple days. It's like it woke my brain up. Very happy with product and iHerb ROCKS when it comes to fast shipping!

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Neuro Optimizer

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 12 2008 | Verified Purchase

Great product from Jarrow. Everything in it for the brain. I have eliminated numerous other products for this one.

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Thumbs up!

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 26 2012 | Verified Purchase

I highly suggest this product. I was diagnosed with ms and lost my ability to walk 5 months ago. I'm getting better (thank god) and plan to be back to normal. This is one of the products (Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, Drs Best Acai Berry, and Medizym are the others) I take and give credit to. All I know is... I can walk!

Thanks for your feedback!

Jarrow Formulas, Neuro Optimizer

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 19 2008 | Verified Purchase

Marvelous for the brain and overall body stamina. I would'nt be without them.

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