Aromatherapy may help relieve winter holiday stress.

While the winter holidays are supposed to be joyous occasions, a study conducted by Healthline finds that 62 percent of all respondents say they experience holiday stress because of the financial demands of buying presents, the stress of family dynamics, and the pressure to maintain healthy living regimes.

A growing body of evidence suggests that aromatherapy helps to reduce stress by calming nerves, relieving seasonal ailments, and enhancing moods. Those who experience holiday stress should try these three homemade diffuser recipes.

Spicy Citrus Blend

A spicy citrus diffuser blend may be able to help reduce stress. Moisture can be added to dry winter air by using this blend in an ultrasonic diffuser. It can also be used in a candle warmer.

The mixture should be kept in a colored glass jar that can be tightly sealed to protect it from ultraviolet light. Use 5 drops in a candle warmer or 10 drops in an ultrasonic diffuser.

Refreshing Cedarwood Blend

Stuffy rooms in the winter often make people feel even more stressed. A diffuser blend featuring the scent of evergreen may help. This fragrance is especially helpful for relieving upper respiratory tract irritation.

Like the spicy citrus blend, 5 drops of this mixture should be used in a candle warmer, 10 drops in an ultrasonic diffuser. Store the leftover blend in a colored glass jar with a tight-fitting lid.

Frankincense Lavender Bath Blend

People may try a leisurely soak to relieve stress during the holidays, and the bathtub is the perfect place to use a restful bath blend as it may help to relieve itchy winter skin and give the respiratory system a boost.

In order to make the restful bath blend, stir the essential oils into the almond oil and then add the Epsom salts. This essential oil mixture can also be made into a salt scrub if the rush of the holidays leaves no time for a leisurely bath.