Strengthen and lengthen stubby lashes with natural remedies.

How come babies, who don't care a bit about long eyelashes, seem to be blessed with the longest, softest, most irresistible eyelashes while the adults who would love to be so lucky are stuck with short, stubby lashes? It might be an unfair irony, but there are natural solutions that can help boost eyelash length without nasty chemicals or strange ingredients.

One of the easiest ways to help eyelashes grow is to put green tea on them. Green tea is rich in beneficial compounds, such as flavonoids. Research has linked some flavonoids to improved hair growth. To take advantage of green tea's benefits for eyelashes, simply brew a cup of tea. Let it cool to room temperature before dipping a cotton pad in the liquid. Rub the saturated cotton over the eyelash area. It will both coat the lashes in tea and clean the hair follicles.

Lemon essential oil is another beneficial product for eyelash health. Lemons have an antiseptic effect, and they protect against microbial growth. Before applying lemon oil to lashes, dilute it with olive oil, which is useful for protecting lashes against breakage, softening them, and helping them shine.

A homemade serum applied nightly will really enhance lash health. Pour fractionated coconut oil into a small rollerball bottle. Splash in 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Gently shake the oils to combine them. Avoiding the eyes, carefully roll this serum over eyelashes, using clean fingers to rub it in. The serum helps because coconut oil contains lash-strengthening fatty acids. Studies indicate that lavender oil can increase the number of hair follicles and may also discourage premature lash loss.